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Welcome to the 2019 OGB Cheer Season!
Please see below for important information and upcoming dates.
From August 5th – August 29th:  Outside at Elk Ridge
Starting September 3rd:  Indoors at Elk Ridge, Nottingham or Jordan Bank
1.  Flag cheerleaders (ages 5-6)
  • August 5th through August 22nd - 3 nights a week for 1 hour
  • August 26th through September 12th - 2 nights a week for 1 hour
  • September 16th through October 24th - 1 night recreational cheer / 1 night for competition squad
  • October 28th through November 7th – 2 nights for cheerleaders on the competition squad
2.  Non-Flag cheerleaders (ages 7-14)
  • August 5th through September 12th - 3 nights a week for 2 hours
  • September 16th – October 3rd - 2 nights recreational cheer / 1 night competition squad
  • October 7th through October 24th - 1 night recreational cheer / 2 nights competition squad
  • October 28th through November 7th – 3 nights for cheerleaders on the competition squad
* Exact practice night(s) will be determined by the Coach’s availability
** Competition is optional, more information available in August
ParentsPlease attend Parents Information and Player Safety Meeting on Wednesday, August 7th at 6:15 on the bleachers in front of Elk Ridge by the baseball diamond.   OGB merchandise will be available for purchase as well.
Physicals:  All cheerleaders MUST have a completed physical turned into head coach on or before the first night of practice in order to participate. Physical forms can be found on the OGB website.
Cheer Uniform Items:
​​Miscellaneous Items:
  • White no-show socks
  • Clear rain poncho (for cheering in the rain)
  • Ankle length black leggings
  • Black gloves & solid black ear band (highly recommended for cold weather)
  • Flag cheerleaders ONLY (Ages 5-6)
    1. Required items purchased by parent / guardian
      OGB website in August
      • OGB Flag sweatshirt to be worn on game day $26
      • Hair bow $13 ​
​​Miscellaneous Items:​   A solid, white supportive game day sneaker
  • ​​​​​Non-Flag cheerleaders only (Ages 7-14):
    Registration will include a pair of cheer shoes for game day/competition.  These shoes should be worn to games, competitions and OGB events only and not worn to school.  Sizing will be done at time of uniform fitting and ordered by OGB.​
  1. Items purchased by parent / guardian via OGB website in August:
    • OGB Warm Up Jacket  ($45 youth / $50 Adult)
    • Hair bow $13
Cheer Uniform Fitting:  NEW this year:  There will be a donation box for any bloomers, crop tops, jackets and sweatshirts that are no longer being used, but are still in good condition.  These items will be offered to those who need them.  ($10 charge to change name on jacket or sweatshirt)
  • July 30th and August 1st at Elk Ridge by front door (only need to attend one)
    • 6:00pm – 6:30pm:  Flag and Freshman Squads
    • 6:30pm – 7:30pm:  Sophomore, Junior and Senior Squad
  • It’s best that you plan on attending with your daughter so that they can be properly fitted for their uniform.
  • Please have your daughter wear shorts and a tank top to easily try on their uniform.
  • Non-Flag Cheerleaders should bring a pair of socks to try on sneakers.
  • All NEW Cheerleaders must bring a COPY of their original Birth Certificate for our records (if one was not submitted at registration)
  • If you cannot attend any of these available dates, please contact  .
Coaches:  Information from your individual coaches will be sent out in the first week of August.  
Parking at Elk Ridge School: In the back lot, the parking spaces in the front row are reserved for coaches.  Please do not park on the grass. 
Field Rules:  We rent the fields and must follow League Rules and School District Policies:  No smoking (or using tobacco products) or alcohol on the property (including in vehicle), No animals allowed, No skateboarding, No parking on the grass, All trash must be thrown away before leaving the premises, please use extra caution in parking lots, you are welcomed to stay for outdoor practices, however, please keep a safe distance from football practice area.
Bert Bell ID’s:  Hockessin Firehouse on August 21st (time TBD).   If you are a new player, please plan to attend.  Returning players that require an updated ID will be notified.  Original Birth Certificate will be needed.
Volunteers Needed:  As many of you know, OGB is a 100% volunteer based organization. If possible, please volunteer in any way you can to help make this a great season.
Looking forward to a wonderful season!  GO BEARS!
Coach Christine, Cheer Director
.678.6381 / 
Please visit FACEBOOK for OGB updates and reminders.