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Oxford Golden Bears

2021 Cheerleading Contract
All dates and prices subject to change slightly

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Being part of the Oxford Golden Bears will be fun and rewarding.  However, along with fun, there are always rules. Please carefully read the following set forth by the organization: 

1.  Practice schedule for Flag cheerleaders (ages 5-6):  

  • August 2nd through August 27th - 3 nights a week for 1 hour
  • August 30th through September 17th - 2 nights a week for 1 hour 
  • September 20th through October 29th - 1 night recreational cheer / 1 night for Showcase squad
  • November 1st through November 12th – 2 nights for cheerleaders on the Showcase squad
  • November 14th – Independent Youth Football League Showcase (see #13 for more details)

2.  Practice schedule for Non-Flag cheerleaders (ages 7-13):  

  • August 2nd through September 10th - 3 nights a week for 2 hours
  • September 13th – October 8th - 2 nights recreational cheer / 1 night Showcase squad
  • October 11th through October 22nd - 1 night recreational cheer / 2 nights Showcase squad
  • October 25th through November 12th – 3 nights for cheerleaders on the Showcase squad
  • November 14th – Independent Youth Football League Showcase (see #13 for more details)


3.  Please wear shorts or sweat pants and comfortable sneakers during practice.  No jeans, Capri’s, or skirts of any kind. To prevent injury, sneakers need to be a good, firm sneaker and should be made for running and not for casual wear.  Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed while stunting.   You will not be allowed to practice if not dressed appropriately. There will be no gum chewing and jewelry shall not be worn during practice or games. Only clear/sheer pink nail polish may be worn on game days.

4.  Please make sure that the above practice times do not conflict with other activities.  Cheerleaders are expected to be at each practice and both home/away games.   From August to November, cheerleading must be a priority.   Actual practice nights are based on Coach’s availability.

5.  Physical form must be valid for current year and handed in by first practice in order for cheerleader to participate.

6.  Parents must pick up their cheerleaders immediately after practice. Girls will not be allowed to leave with anyone other than their parent unless prior notice is given to the coach by a note or phone call.   Coaches are not responsible for providing transportation for your cheerleader to/from practice.

7.  Depending on whether the Varsity football team for each squad yields a JV team, cheerleaders may be required to cheer at home JV football games, in addition to cheering for the Varsity football team. 

8.  Cheerleader may be required to arrive at all games 1 to 1.5 hours before game time.

9.  All practices, games, scheduled community events and competitions (if applicable) are mandatory. If you must be absent, you must notify your coach ahead of time.  Absences during the week may result in suspension of cheering during one or more quarters of a game or half-time routine.  Missing and/or late to run-through practices held on game day, will also result in suspension of cheering during one or more quarters of a game or half-time routine. 

10.  Coaches have their own rules and expectations as to how the girls should behave. We ask that parents respect the coaches and cooperate with them in this regard. 

11. There is absolutely no eating or drinking (except for water) in their cheer uniforms. Cheerleaders are not allowed to eat on the sidelines while cheering their game.

12. Uniform requirements

All cheerleaders:

  • Included in the registration fee is a vest and skirt that will be loaned to each cheerleader for the season and must be returned in the same condition – a uniform contract must be submitted and registration fee paid in full prior to uniform distribution.  For 2021, a hair bow will also be included in registration and will be distributed with uniform.  
  • Items purchased by parent / guardian via designated Vendor:  more information to be available in August, prices subject to change slightly
    • Game day all white Cheer sneakers $20 or more depending on choice
    • Flag Cheerleaders Only:  OGB sweatshirt $26
    • Non-Flag Cheerleaders Only:  Warm Up Jacket ($45 youth / $50 Adult)
    • Maroon bloomers:
      • Briefs $8 or 
      • Boy shorts $10
    • White v-neck crop top $20
  • Items purchased by parent / guardian:
    • White no-show socks 
    • Clear rain poncho (for cheering in the rain) 
    • Ankle length black leggings
    • Black gloves & solid black ear band (highly recommended for cold weather)

13.  OGB is hopeful that we will have the opportunity to participate in one cheerleading showcase on November 14th, hosted by our new league representative, IYFL.   The showcase is not mandatory but does require 110% commitment.  All showcase practices will be mandatory.  If participating in the showcase, practices are in addition to recreational cheerleading practices and an additional small fee will be required. Competition squads will be determined based on the number of cheerleaders, ages, practice/game attendance, and effort. More information forthcoming.

14.  All Cheerleaders will need to provide a copy of their original birth certificate and a picture ID to have on file.  More information forthcoming.


Your signature is required and implies that you and your cheerleader understand all of the above rules and will do your best to abide by them. You are also stating that you will take special care of your daughter’s uniform. If anything is returned damaged or not returned at all, you will have to reimburse OGB. You are also promising to support your daughter through this season by getting her to all games and practices on time. You are also assuring your support and respect for the coaching staff and athletes in the administration of these policies. 

Parents/Guardian (if applicable, both parents must sign): 

Signature: _______________________________ Date __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date __________