A committment to teach winning youth football, the right way...


OGB Gameday Rules 

It is important that we follow ALL league and school rules to ensure a successful game day: 

  • Use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited on school property.

  • Parking only allowed in designated spots.

  • No dogs are allowed in the stadium.

  • No skateboarding/ bicycling in the stadium.

  • Please clean up all your trash when you leave the stadium


The 24-Hour Rule 

  • Parents/ guardians may NOT CONTACT a coach/ board member within 24 hours of a negative issue that arises in practices/ games. This period is used for both parties to have a chance to cool down and think about this issue further.

  •  All our coaches and board members are volunteers. They all put a lot of time, and effort into what they do, because we thoroughly enjoy it. • Violators of this rule will be asked to leave, or possibly not be allowed to attend games for the remainder of the season.

  • Parents/ guardians are also not allowed to confront a league official or referee. Please see an OGB board member with your concerns.


 Game Field Rules

  • Per IYFL rules, ONLY coaches, players of that game, medical volunteers, referees, and designated photographer are allowed on the game field.

  • No parents/ guardians, siblings, friends can enter the gated/ roped off area of the game field.

  • Team Moms are only allowed to assist during cheer half time routines and when coach is not present.