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Football and Cheer

2021 Registration has closed for Football (all ages)
Cheer Registration open until August 7th
Click here to register for cheer only

Listed below is information you will need in order to complete a football athlete or cheerleader application.  Please read through all the information carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact any of the Oxford Golden Bears Board Members.

The Oxford Golden Bears Football and Cheerleading Organization is a volunteer club.  In order to keep our fees as low as they are, we rely on the assistance of parents and community members to help us run the various committees and activities that keep this league available to our children.  We encourage everyone to fill out a volunteer form.

Due to insurance reasons, no football athlete or cheerleader will be allowed to practice or participate in any games unless all registration fees are paid in full prior to the first practice session.  

The Organization needs proof of your child’s age.  All tackle athletes and cheerleaders must provide a copy their original birth certificate and a picture ID.  There are no exceptions.  More information forthcoming.

ALL football athletes and cheerleaders must supply a completed 2021 Sports Physical Examination Form that has been signed by a physician.  This form must be turned in by July 26, 2021.  The first practice is scheduled to begin July 26, 2021.

ALL parents, athletes, and/or cheerleaders must sign the following forms in order to be registered:

  • Disciplinary Code 

  • Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • Parent, Guardian or Guest Code of Conduct

  • Participant Code of Conduct 

  • Injury Release, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement

Refund Policy:  A refund will be issued if a child withdraws prior to the first night of practice, otherwise, no refund is available. No football jersey will be given if player withdraws.

Concussion Impact Testing:  OGB's commitment to the safety of our children is primary. Concussions in athletes are serious injuries that should be properly assessed and monitored.  This Organization supports proper medical evaluation, management, and recovery of concussions. With the increase of concussions occurring in youth sports, there are many ways our athletes can be protected.  "Impact testing" is a means of establishing baseline neuropsychological results that can help in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. We encourage you to explore this, either through computer based software or in-office medical assessments.  Athletes will not be allowed to play or cheer following signs or symptoms of concussions unless he/she is medically evaluated.  A medical release form must be submitted to his/her coach in order for their return to athletic participation in this Organization. 

Medical/injury policy: Any injury/illness requiring medical treatment will require a doctor’s clearance to resume play.

Please remember that no football athlete will be allowed to participate with metal cleats.

NOTE:  Football Equipment provided by OGB is the property of the Oxford Golden Bears.  A check and a signed Uniform Contract will required at the time of equipment distribution for the amount of $175, written out to the Oxford Golden Bears.  This check WILL NOT be cashed UNLESS equipment is not returned in proper clean condition no later than December 1, 2021.  Football Equipment Cost:   Helmet ($130), Shoulder Pads ($50), Chin Strap ($15).