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One of our OGB families is in need of our support! OGB will be selling special edition #TACKLECANCER shirts to support Skylar Brooks. Skylar was recently diagnosed with Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome and is fighting hard! All proceeds from the shirts will be donated to Skylar's team which is participating in the Nemours Young Heroes 5K. Skylar's sister is an OGB cheerleader and her Mom has been an OGB cheer coach! Shirts will be on sale through Sunday, 9/22.


In January of 2018, Skylar was diagnosed with Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome which is a genetic disorder that is commonly characterized by overgrowth. We had noticed that her right extremities (right leg/foot, right arm) were growing faster than the left side. The severity of this disease differs from child to child. Some may experience one symptom, some experience all. Children affected from this are at higher risk to developing tumors, such as the rare kidney cancer referred to as Wilms Tumor. At her scan in January 2019, a lesion was found on her kidney. An MRI later found that two lesions were found. The MRI was then going to replace the ultrasounds to monitor the growth of them. June 2019 Skylar was taken to ED to check on blood that was found in urine in one of her diapers and a low grade fever. Couple days later it was found that her lesions had developed into stage 4 Wilms Tumor. Skylar is currently awaiting surgery that could either spare the kidney or it be completely removed. She has undergone 12 weeks of chemotherapy and will proceed with another 12 weeks after her surgery and possible radiation.



by posted 09/15/2019
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